The Creed of the Salaf, the People of Hadeeth
Author: Shaikhul Islaam Abu ‘Uthmaan as-Saaboonee
Explanation: Shaikh Rabee’ ibn Haadee al-Madkhalee
English Explanation : Aqeel Ingram

Class 01 Introduction and Biography of Abu ‘Uthmaan as-Saaboonee|initialvolume=120
Class 02 Travelling to and Visiting the Graves|initialvolume=120
Class 03 The Fundamentals of the Religion and Establishing the Evidences|initialvolume=120
Class 04 The Oneness of Allah, His Names and Attriubutes, And the Prophets and Messengers|initialvolume=120
Class 05 Affirming, Negating, Distorting, and His Two Hands|initialvolume=120
Class 06 Affirming, Negating, Distorting, and His Two Hands|initialvolume=120
Class 07 Allah Has Protected Ahlus Sunnah from Tahreef, Takyeef, and Tashbeeh|initialvolume=120
Class 08 Allah Blessed Ahlus Sunnah with Knowledge and Understanding|initialvolume=120
Class 09 The Creed of Aadam, Musaa, Muhammad, the Toorah, and the Injeel!|initialvolume=120
Class 10 The Methodology of Affirming the Names and Attributes of Allah|initialvolume=120
Class 11 ar-Rahmaan Rose Above the Throne|initialvolume=120
Class 12 Affirming the Attributes upon their Apparent Meaning and Describing the Innovator|initialvolume=120
Class 13 The Qur’aan is the Speech of Allah and it is not Created|initialvolume=120
Class 14 Placing a Verdict on a Specific Individual|initialvolume=120
Class 15 The Clarity of Ahlus Sunnah During Tribulations|initialvolume=120
Class 16 My Uttered Word with the Qur’aan is Created|initialvolume=120

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