In the name of Allah, and all praise belongs to Allah. May salutation and blessing also be bestowed upon the Messenger of Allah.

Book : al-’Aqeedah al-Waasitiyyah
Teacher: Shaikh Khaalid ibn Muhammad al-Qahtaanee

On the 9th of Jumaadaa al-Oolaa of the year 1433 coinciding with the 1st of April of the year 2012, we benefited the following from the esteemed Shaikh, Khaalid ibn Muhammad al-Qahtaanee, may Allah preserve him:

Shaikhul Islaam Abul ‘Abbaas Ahmad ibn Taymiyyah (d.728), may Allah bestow mercy upon him, quotes Allah, the Exalted,

“Do you all feel secure that He, Who is (fee) above the heaven (as-samaa’), will not cause the earth to swallow you, and then it should quake?”  Soorah al-Mulk (67):16

This verse and the many other verses comparable to it all affirm the ‘Uloo or the Loftiness and Ascendancy of Allah. The scholars have stated that there are more than one thousand evidences proving the Loftiness and Ascendancy of Allah. How can one have the audacity to deny this superb attribute of our Lord?! Or any other attribute that He, the Most High, has affirmed for Himself?!

This verse proves the Loftiness and Ascendancy of Allah from two perspectives as is understood from the correct tafseer (exegesis)of this verse:

1) “Fee” here does not mean “in”, but rather it means “‘alaa” (above), meaning that Allah is above the heaven. This meaning of “fee” is also seen elsewhere in the Qur’aan such as Allah’s statement conveying Fir’awn’s words to the magicians who began believing in the Lord of Haaroon (Aaron) and Musaa (Moses),

“And surely I will crucify you (‘fee’) on the trunks of date-palms” Soorah Taa Haa (20):71

“Fee” here does not mean that Fir’awn wanted to crucify them inside of the trunks of date-palms, but rather it means on top of the trunks of date-palms. There is no way to escape this understanding! Likewise is the case in understanding the meaning of “fee” in the verse in Soorah al-Mulk.

2) Or we can correctly say that “fee” does mean “in” within this verse in Soorah al-Mulk. However, in doing so we must have the correct understanding of “as-Samaa’” with that usage. In this instance, “as-Samaa’” means “As-Sumu’” which means to be lofty and is indicative of ascendancy. So with this understanding the verse means: Do you feel secure that He, Who is in Ascension, will not cause the earth to swallow you, and then it should quake?

The Fitraah (one’s natural inclination) also proves the ‘Uloo or the Loftiness and Ascendancy of Allah since when one supplicates he naturally and immediately directs himself upwards in prayer. Neither does he direct himself downward with his supplication nor does he direct himself in all directions with his supplication! Rather, he directs his supplication upward.

In this regard, there is the story of al-Juwaynee and al-Hamadaanee. al-Juwaynee was among the leaders of the Ashaa’irah during his time and on one occasion was giving a sermon from the pulpit denying the Ascendancy of Allah, the Exalted, The Most High. al-Hamadaanee stated to him, “But what do you want me to do with this natural inclination Allah has placed inside of me when I supplicate to supplicate upwards towards Allah, The Glorious, The Exalted?!” With this al-Juwaynee halted in a confused state, and he had no other recourse except to descend from the pulpit! May Allah bestow mercy upon them.

Even animals naturally recognize the Ascendancy of Allah, the Exalted, the Most High. Shaikh Khaalid, may Allah preserve him, conveyed to us the story of a friend of his who had a mouse in his home that he had to kill. When he finally trapped the mouse and the mouse realized it had no escape, he witnessed the mouse raising its head upwards towards the sky and then it laid flat on its back raising its hands as though in supplication!

A colleague of mine and fellow student of knowledge, Hesham Sabbah, may Allah preserve him, also confirms witnessing animals acting similarly when in dire straits.

Shaikh Khaalid also mentioned a story conveyed by our Shaikh, Shaikh Saalim, may Allah preserve them both. During a hunting expedition in Iraq, the hunters cornered a coyote and upon its realizing this they witnessed it turning its head upwards towards the sky with tears beginning to drop from its eyes!

If even animals recognize the Ascendancy of Allah, how far away from the truth are human beings who deny this lofty attribute of our Lord?!

Even the intellect proves this as it is well known logic that what is higher is better than that which is lower.

We ask Allah that He places our feet firm upon the ‘Aqeedah (creed) and Manhaj (methodology) of Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaa’ah (The People of Sunnah and Unity) never allowing us to deviate from it.

Abu Rayhaanah Aqil ibn Kenneth Ingram

- – - -
(Aqil Ingram is the imaam and khateeb of Masjid Ahlul Qur’aan wal-Hadeeth, Washington D. C.)
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