Note from Aqidatul Wasitiyyah explanation by Shaykh Khaalid Al-Qahtaani:

“For Allah is the most extreme happiness with the tawbah of His slave, more than one of you with (finding) his (lost) riding animal (containing all of his journey’s supplies).”

This is part of a longer Hadith which affirms Allah’s happiness and pleasure. And what do we find Allah is happy with? The tawbah of His slave when he has erred. So find pleasure and be happy with the good news that you have a Lord Who is overjoyed when you return after faltering. Let there be no halting but instead rush and flee to the forgiveness and joy of your Lord At-Tawwaab. Find consolation and let this hadith plant good expectations in Allah. These words of His Messenger carry a message that cuts away at the despair of the one who a slipped. So O slave who often falters, find joy in tawbah and your Lord will be overjoyed with you. O Allah make us of the tawwabin, amin.

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